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Industrial robots to automate production

Industrial robots are responsible for control and movement of manufacturing processes of companies or plants by using CNC. The advantages of replacing human labour with machinery:

  • No robot will get tired. Devices work 24 hours a day according to the built-in program: they carry out single acts or fully automate the process;
  • The mechanism creates a full cycle of production without errors. Due to industrial robots accuracy and speed of operations increase.

Devices are divided into 3 categories depending on aims and principles of work: automatic, biotechnical and interactive.

One robot replaces labour of several specialists. However, an employer will save on salary and contributions to social insurance funds, and will protect production against human errors: expensive tools failure and rejects. Industrial robots are able to do the following:

  • contact welding;
  • plasma cutting;
  • high quality paint coating or varnish coating;
  • arc-welding;
  • loading and unloading operations;
  • non-contact processing;
  • control and measuring operations.

Mechanisms are often used for transportation of finished products, packaging, cutting and shaping, milling operations.

Cobots (collaborative robots)

  • Designed for joint work with people.
  • Instantly stop upon contact.
  • Available for small and medium-size enterprises.
  • Require no skills in programming.
  • Programming of operations using simple mechanical grip displacement.

Industrial robots

  • Power stations to work without contact with people.
  • Risk of injury – safety barriers are required.
  • Difficult-to-control, programming is required.