Integrated supplies of components and materials for machine-building companies

Our company is engaged in the implementation and promotion of advanced technology and products in the transport machine building market. We can offer you a wide range of equipment, materials and components for electro blank production facilities. We carry out integrated supplies of any nomenclature from our own warehouses and fast placement of orders on production sites of our partners in Russia, Europe and Asia (foreign economic activity).

The range of products supplied by us includes over 100,000 names:

  • Equipment to process cable products and electronic components;
  • Components and tools for production equipment;
  • Materials to install, heat-shrinkable tubing and hoses;
  • Cable products of such brands as Transcab, RADOX, BM Innovations, Spetskabel, Sabix, and other Russian producers;
  • Connecting devices, end caps, automated equipment and other electronic components.

A wide range of components and line of materials together with well timed logistics make it possible to ensure demand and to solve the problem of supply of any electro blank section.

Our well qualified managers and technical advisers provide information and technical support to help with selection.

To support import substitution in Russia and to increase the country’s technological self-sufficiency, especially in the field of safety, our specialists hold consultations in terms of the possibility of application and replacement of electronic components of foreign manufacture with domestic equivalents.

Long-term contractual relations with domestic and foreign producers and distributors make it possible to implement any delivery project within short timeframes.

Official supplies from producers and distributors guarantee top quality of products and ensure appropriate warranty obligations. Import products delivered to our customers are certified pursuant to the international quality standards. When carrying out delivery we seek to provide our customers with necessary technical information to the fullest extent.